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  • “People People” who love…. working with people!
  • Athletes, Musicians, Creatives, and Enthusiasts = NO DANCE EXPERIENCE REQUIRED
  • Communicators who are excited about supporting and being supported by a great team
  • Self motivated drivers who want to maximize their potential


  • A new adventure! A departure from the 9-5 grind or the remote work daze
  • Career stability mixed with artistic creativity
  • High level training as both an educator and a dancer
  • Full time positions with a career oriented trajectory
  • Parties, Travel, Competition, and more… Fun and exhilarating activities around every corner
  • Opportunity to positively impact peoples’ lives every day


  • Through our training program you’ll learn how to dance the Tango, Swing, Salsa, Samba, and everything else you may have seen on TV.
  • Growth- for you and your future students. We’ll work with you to expand your mental, emotional, and physical capabilities and give you the best ways to share your talents and nurture our community

Our company (Arthur Murray) has been teaching the world to dance since 1912. There are nearly 300 locations all over the globe, and you have a chance to be a part of some of the top schools in the world. So don’t worry, we have no doubt we can teach you too! We offer all the perks of a creative dance job, with the security and reliability of Full Time, Vacation Pay, Retirement fund etc. So if you’re sick of the cubicle jungle, the khaki jungle, or the food service jungle; looking for a new identity, a new challenge, or next-level social skills; If you traded your time for a degree you want nothing to do with; If you’re sick and tired of trading your artistic, athletic, or creative side for a 9 to 5….We might be perfect job for you.

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